Resources for your support

Jizo Statues & Gifts

A small collection of links for ceremony, care, protection and representation

Life that doesnt end with death

A great cultural video that shows how different cultures honour and heal through death and grief. A beautiful awareness on the value of ritual and ceremony in healing loss.

Intuitive Coach, Healer and Facilitator

Adria has over 15 years of experience working with trauma, loss and healing. Her personal journey and healing with her three spirit babies has assisted her in healing and resolving pieces of her own life, and support women with true authenticity

Soul Baby Communication

A website of resources and support for women included talk radio, blogs and workshops

Still Birth Baby - Birth & Bereavment training & Resources

This site has a directory of doula's available to support families with stillbirth and miscarriage. It also includes a great training and a collection of resources for pregnancy loss.

Grief Unseen - Book

This is a great book that shares strong facts on pregnancy loss, personal stories and fabulous resources, rituals, art and practices to support families moving through grief.

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