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Womb Grief Workbook ~ part 1... an introduction

You and I are not the first women to lose a pregnancy, the pain, fear, heartache and loss we have felt, are similar to many women who have experienced womb grief before us. Our stories however, are unique. The feelings of grief are our own personal experience bound up in lost dreams and hopes, crushed with shame and sadness, and often married with guilt and self-deprecating beliefs. Womb grief is real, for every woman who has experienced a miscarriage, still birth, abortion, or infertility. What you feel, how you feel is absolutely important and I want to honor your grief, support your mourning and offer you support in your healing, as an invitation to guide you through your loss and return to love.

This workbook aims to validate your dreams, you, and the unborn child. What you have experienced is now part of your life story, it does not need to be hidden away with shame, and yet it needs to be honored and tenderly nurtured. There is no time-line for grief, guilt or shame, there is no rush to ‘get over it’, or pretend nothing of it. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, there is only love, compassion and honor.

Healing is not the elimination of pain, or the need to ‘fix’, healing is the gentle recovery of love.

The loss itself will never go away, it simply changes over time. Healing is not the elimination of pain, or the need to ‘fix’, healing is the gentle recovery of love; and it is love we seek to free from womb grief. May we all be guided by love in healing our womb grief and honoring our spirit babies.

These blog posts are an invitation to meet you in your loss, your story, your Spirit Baby, your initiation as a mother, and to invite honor, respect, ritual and love to heal. This series has been written to support you in three main ways

  1. To support your in acknowledging grief and offer space for your story

  2. To reconnect you with the essence of your Spirit Baby in meditation, ritual and journaling

  3. To support you in integrating your loss and creating an enduring connection with your Spirit Baby

As you read through each section you will be invited to take part in different journaling activities. As you progress the workbook takes you away from introspective reflection towards ritual and sacred practices to honour You and your Spirit Baby.

With love



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Womb Grief Work Book

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