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Womb Grief Workbook ~ part 3 ... What's in a name?

To name: to call upon, to identify, to honour and to exist… the call to love

My Spirit Baby is one name gifted to the unborn child. The intention behind this name is to call to the unborn child as a continued presence in our lives and not something to discard, get over, and or forget. In Japan they are referred to as Mizuko, a Water Child and there is a cemetery dedicated to these beautiful souls to be guarded in their after life and honoured by mothers. read full story

The name itself, is a gentle reference to the essence of your baby and an invitation to name your unborn child, as part of your world and as part of your life.

An invitation

4. Naming your Spirit Baby

A name is a powerful way of calling forth the presence, value and importance of your Spirit Baby. Some of us have had names from the moment of conception, others have created lists, and still others have never clearly known what to call the life within them. I invite you to name your Spirit Baby as a way to call to them, relate to them, and acknowledge them as part of your life. This is especially helpful if there are other children in your world as a way to help normalize the loss and include the love into the family fold.

What is you spirit baby’s name?

My Story

I have three beautiful Spirit Babies. Can I call them beautiful? It seems strange as I chose to write that, but reluctant to delete it, so it is fresh from my heart. My first one is Jaya she filled me with anxiety at motherhood and joy equally, we spent three months together and I fell in love wit her. My second “Little Bean” was a quick fleeting connection, and my third and longest connection was Leviah, my lion was due in the time of Leo and I loved him deeply.

The title of "Mother", women who give birth in early pregnancy

As we honor the essence of your unborn child, we are also honoring our place as a mother. It is important to take a moment to notice what a mother means to you.

“A mother is the female parent of a child. Thus, dependent on the context, women can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof.” Definiton by wikapedia.

I want to invite you to consider that you are a mother of your Spirit Baby. Whether you miscarried, aborted or are infertile you still acted as a mother in giving birth and supplying ovum for fertilization. As I write this I fear being politically incorrect or offending you, the reader in some way, so I will personalize this invitation as a gift I received in my healing journey. The moment I began to consider that I am a mother, not in the conventional sense of course, but one that carried my Spirit Babies, loved them dearly, and miss them often, I beagn to shift my role with them and celebrate their existence in my life rather than deny it. This personal journey has allowed me space to let love in.

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An invitation

5. What makes a mother?

Take a moment to reflect on the qualities and experiences that make someone a mother. I would like to invite you to consider how carrying both a dream and or the life within you, as a call to motherhood. This title may support you in how you learn to continue to love your unborn child, or it may not. This is simply an invitation for you to reflect on your whole journey and how you might like to continue to mother your Spirit Baby, and honour that you are no longer the maiden in the evolution of the woman.

Write down qualities that you admire in a mother, and that make someone a mother.

“I honor the woman who are aching for a child of their own

I honor the women who are grieving the loss of a child

I honor the women who are honoring their mothers

I honor the women who are honoring each other

I honor the women who are mothering themselves” Beth Halleck

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