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  • Adria Ellis

The gift in massaging a child: touched by my Spirit Baby

I went out to the waiting room to call on my next massage,


I looked around the faces of men and women, and this six year old boy stepped forward.

“Have you had a massage before?” I asked him as his parents gave me the nod of approval.

“Oh yes,” He said

When I asked him what he liked best, he chatted, " I mostly like everything, and will probably just conk out.”…

With that permission I lifted him onto the table and we began the most healing massage of my life. His tiny arms were so soft and trusting in my hands, his supple muscles softening and releasing with the most gentle nurturing touch. We spoke briefly about his life, his family and why he felt stressed, and with my background in intuitive coaching, I gently guided him into a relaxed experience.

To my surprise, my heart burst open as he let go into that deep relaxed breath. Tears flowed freely down my face and I found myself holding this child in my hands as I would have held my first born. For the first time, I was able to share my love with a child, with such trust and receptivity as I imagine a mother only can, and my heart tore wide open. I was able to love this boy I'd never met so deeply and so freely, and massage him with such tenderness, as if he were my own unborn son. As I heard the soft snoring, I thanked my spirit baby for coming to visit me, so that I experience the love of this child as if he were mine.

He hugged me at the end, and in a matter of fact tone, thanked me for the good massage.

I closed the door to my practice room feeling a healing I could never have imagined possible. A gratitude for the synchronicity that brought that child to my table and allowed me to honor the love and touch I’ve longed to have with my first unborn child.

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